Batteries! We've all been after them for decades, and they are finally getting (almost) within reach for residential use. With leaps and bounds made over recent years in battery storage technology, prices are being driven down and competition is fierce. It is still early days – and while we all love the idea of being more independent from electricity companies – as a general rule batteries are still only appropriate for 'early adopters' or off-grid properties. There are fantastic products out there, but they are still too expensive for the average household. Also, Australian Standards are yet to be finalised around batteries and there is still a lot of ambiguity around warranties and product longevity.

The East Gippsland Shire Solar Bulk Buy is all about transparency, and so rather than selling you something that may not meet expectations, we aim to give you honest and accurate information about batteries so that you can make the right decision for your unique situation. The complexity around this technology means that we cannot accurately provide a simple price chart, but Eko Energy is equipped with the knowledge and connections to work with you on the best offer available, with YEF on hand to offer independent advice. The best approach is to read through the material here, and then get the ball rolling with Eko Energy by registering your interest in the bulk buy.

How batteries work

The first step in understanding if battery storage is right for you.

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Battery FAQ

A toolkit of definitions and frequently asked questions to help you make a decision

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This is an East Gippsland Shire Council program powered by the Yarra Energy Foundation. Eko Energy is the solar provider.

This program has been funded by the Victorian Labor Government under Round 2 of the New Energy Jobs Fund.